Well, that worked nicely!

In March, while looking to expand my general notary work, I noticed a couple of local community senior centers were having small events - one craft fair, one spaghetti feed fundraiser. Both are located within 5 miles of my home, both were on a different Saturday afternoon - one in April, one at the start of May.

I called the directors of both centers and asked if I could set up a table offering notary services to their members as well as the general public.

Both answers were enthusiastic “yes, please!” Both advertised in their newsletters that a notary would be on site offering services for a minimal fee of $10 per stamp (Washington’s allowed fee).

I spent 4 hours at the craft fair, 3 hours at the spaghetti feed. (Excellent sauce!) Made $170 at the craft fair (no print, no driving, no scans), and $230 at the spaghetti feed. Gave out 100 cards, and have booked an added $150 in GNW from those cards.

In my book, definitely a good marketing experience.

(And yes, I got the recipe for the sauce)


Thinking outside the box. Way to go,Judi!

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That is excellent thinking! I wouldn’t have thought to go there. Most of my local seniors centers don’t do these things. I will have to keep my eyes open for others!

Nicely done! Will have to check out my local center.

Thank you for sharing
So appreciate it since I am moving to a small town after 18 years.
I am getting married again at 73 to someone I’ve known for 25 years and moving soon

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WOWOWOWOWO WOWZA !!! What a great idea Good for you!!!

I thought the most you could charge for a notarization was 2,50

In my state, it is $10 per notarial act. Check with your state’s notary department or NNA for current fees allowed in your state.