WF FHA loan modifications

Ok I really need help from you veteran notaries. I keep getting signing notifications from a company to do Wells Fargo FHA loan modifications. They usually are worth $40-$100. What is involved with these and how many pages are they typically? Thanks for the help.

I don’t know about Wells Fargo. For other lenders I’ve seen packages around 30 to 40 pages, and none of the time-consuming gotchas like the questionaire where they want the name and address of the ex-wife’s 2nd cousin.

I have one occasional client who has an agent for these things where the agent is from NY so needs a VT notary to do the notarization. Really easy, the agent brings the package and conducts the signing. I just do notarizations. The agent takes care of dropping the package at FedEx or UPS.

I have complete package with them throught Coast 2 Coast signing is only about 32 to 40 pages 4 signatures from the client and one notarization from you its pays $40 and a client must provide a witness you need a witness signature also.