What a Day!

So, it is true that mishaps happen, and mishaps happened to me. This is a rant and crazy experience, all my fault by the way, after a signing, I found myself chasing ruined papers all around as I let my window down, and drove off, I did recover all bur two docs, (THANK GOD), and was able to rectify my missing 2 docs. Some docs were crumbled and still accepted!

Embarrassing, to have to chase these docs a block over from where they flew out of my car from signing. Lesson learned! Secure docs IN TRUCK from now on! and tidy with a rubber band or clip! I will not ever go through that horrifying experience. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: :astonished:



I use different colored butterfly clips to secure my documents before I leave the signing. Green is for the originals, black is for the signers’ package I give them. (I remove and keep the clip). The signed package goes in my briefcase immediately upon completion. I know some notaries like to present the signed package in a folder of some sort. I think it’s a waste of money.

I’ve not had the mishap you described. Yikes! We’ve all made horrible mistakes, though and we learn. Just like on any job.


Also…never, ever, for any reason (even if it sounds like a good one) have both your copy & signers copy on table at the same time…for the same reason you discovered. And, yes, I do know one very experienced man who does this, BUT he is in complete control of the signers’ copy as it never leaves his hand as he follows along. I also think he’s been very lucky.


I always use 9x15 Kraft clamp envelopes. Keeps them organized and protected during shipping as well. I also write property address with any important notes on them. I only take out documents for signing time & scan backs. Best way to do it in my opinion.


I use classification folders. They keep docs flat and clean. First section is for signing copy, middle is for labels, instructions, etc., last is for the borrower’s copy. Yes, I use a manila folder for the borrower’s copy, to which I staple my business card. (I get enough GNW from those business cards to more than cover the expense of buying the folders and printing the cards.) Classification folders also allow me to ensure my docs are never out of my control.

I handle only one folder at a time, from printing to drop. When I am temporarily done with a folder (i.e. signing is complete and docs are checked, signing is closed out but docs are not yet scanned or dropped), the folder is closed and set in the appropriate box in my car to await the next step (i.e. scan or drop). In this way my documents stay neat, and I avoid mixing documents, losing documents, or shipping incorrect documents.

Classification folders are not cheap - about $25 for a box of 10. But they can be used over and over (general life span for mine is 6 - 8 months), they provide a firm, clean surface for signing and stamping, they come in both legal and letter sizes, and they are available in many colors.


I use manila envelope for signers copy with my business card stapled to envelope and hand write date on outside of envelope. At times need to visit signer again for whatever changes title or lender may make on a different day. Copy to be signed I binder clip and put inside FedEx or UPS padded envelope to keep docs clean. Newbies if you open up and account with FedEx and UPS envelopes and plastic label holders are sent to you free of charge. Docs are placed in my rolling brief case. I frequently open my vehicle windows for fresh air (rain or sun) but never have to worry about anything blowing away (my hair does get blown around a bit).


I remember this once, I finished signing got to car and put docs on roof :open_mouth: big nono, wind blew docs all I could feel was signers are looking out there window at me. I managed to get all and accidentally stepped on one. But was able to scan back in and drop so I feel yr pain.


Just an fyi. I have been buried up to my hips in paper for years with my other profession of real estate for 38 years. I purchased some cheap plastic legal size folders/portfolios from Staples. They are reusable and last far longer than file folders. I put the papers to return to the bank in those, secured by a binder clip. I leave the clip on when returning the papers to the bank. I put the customer copy in a large manilla envelope. Both go into a briefcase/tote (legal size) which has my stamp, finger ink, rubber finger cover, tissues, masks, hand sanitizer, small bottle of water, magnifying glass, extra dollar store reading glasses ( some customers need them) and pens that i put in a sandwich bag. I do not wash off pens. I use dollar store or walmart i buy in bulk, or you could use custom ones with your advertising. I leave the pens. Also included is a clipboard for when there is no table. I take my wallet, but my purse is in the storage area of my car, if i even take it. I cant imagine carrying a loose pile of papers. Protects papers from weather and my tote has a shoulder strap too. Be safe. Dont make the job harder!!


Oh that stinks! Sorry that happened but happy you got it all fixed.

To keep everything together for a signing, I put the borrower copy and signed copy in manilla file folders then put both in a plastic expanding folder with banded corners from Office Depot for $8/folder. I reuse the plastic folder. They only come in letter size so I have 6 that I kept original and 6 that I cut the corners out of for legal size. It has nylon sides so I just burned the edges with a lighter. The plastic is see through so I put the printed order sheet in the front so I can see who it’s for.

They make life so much easier!


I put a clip on the long edge of the documents, then slide them in a FedEx or UPS envelope. The envelopes are free & they protect the docs. Plus I fairly often need to bring the docs to one or the other shipping companies after the signing anyway. The docs stay clean & safe.

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