What Are Scanbacks and How Do I Send Them?

A “scanback” is a term used for a scanned copy of a signed document package that must be electronically sent to the signing service or title company in addition to shipping them the physical documents.

If scanbacks are required, the hiring party will usually communicate this to you before you accept their signing. If they don’t mention scanbacks, don’t hesitate to ask if they will be required. Scanbacks require additional time and effort, therefore many signing agents charge an additional fee for this service.

Some hiring parties will ask that you send scanbacks from the signing table. This means that you will need to scan the documents at the signing, send them to the hiring party, and wait for approval before leaving the signing. For these signings, you will need to have a mobile scanner, laptop, and wireless internet hotspot.

Other hiring parties will ask that you send scanbacks and hold the document package until you receive approval to ship. In these cases, you can leave the signing and scan afterwards.

More often, you will just need to scan the documents over and immediately ship without receiving approval.

Remember to always follow the instructions given to you by the signing service/title company who hired you.

A note about security - Loan documents contain Personally Identifiable Information (PII). As a signing agent, you are expected to keep this information safe. A data breach could result in financial losses for anyone involved in the loan transaction, from the signer to the lender, and responsibility for those losses could fall on you ($$$).

When sending scanbacks, NEVER scan from a public scanner (such as those at FedEx or the library).

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