What are the most recommended printers?

What do most notaries rely on for laser printers?

I’ve recently written on this subject. Brother 5200 DTW and 6200 DTW came out on top of my extensive study. I bought the 5200 and I’m delighted with it. DE-lighted.

I couldnt afford a Brother printer. I actually love my HP Printer! Never had a problem with it. I do use a Brother scanner though.

I have a: HP LaserJet Pro M404n
Most people dont know that it has dual tray paper function, you cannot see that online. But this has worked perfect for me and its less bulky than most Brother printers. My HP was around $300.00 brand new Best Buy. very reasonable.

I have been a full time notary for 13 years now and have had several brands of printer. MY printers of choice are always Brothers. I currently have 2 MFC L5900 DWT, and 1 HL-L6200DW. All three have the dual trays. I get them on Amazon. I have them so I can print one package on each printer, and it goes fast if I have 4-5 closings that day.
I can get the toner as well on amazon. I usually buy the LD or Linksys brands of toner. They work really well and the cost is only $25 or so a cartridge. I also buy the extended warranty as the printer “May have” an issue that needs to be sent or taken somewhere. And I have the others as a backup. I usually get at least 145,000 pages on each printer before it starts having issues. Easier to fix than get another.