What color ink is to be used?

I am in MO, what color ink is supposed to be used during signing? I would assume black. But I don’t want to assume anything. I want to know!

Actually, the most preferred seems to be Blue. Usually the Order will state which if there is a preference (ime, usually there IS a preference). Sometimes, the preference may come buried in a page of instructions in the doc pkg. If not stated, I usually default to blue. I think they like the fact that blue sticks out. I have missed that info a few times & used the ‘wrong’ ink color…and nobody seemed to care. Just don’t use glitter purple and you’ll be OK.


I appreciate your time, but I was wanting someone from MO to respond, specifically.

If you’re talking about loan documents, state doesn’t matter - it’s up to the lender - this is a lender specific issue for the loan docs only; color of ink for your notary certificate is up to your state (I say this because some states dictate certs to be done in black ink only).

Now if it’s non-loan docs I would suggest going back to the receiving party and see what they require.