What color ink to use while notarizing docs

I am a new notary I need to know what color ink to use wile notarizing documents
Black or Blue

Sparkly purple…it’s so distinct… OK, I’m in a weird mood.

Seriously…Depends… a very few (if any) states mandate the color. Most Lenders want Blue; a few insist on Black. tt is usually stated either on the order or sometimes is in an instruction sheet included with the docs you print. If not stated (and for GNW) I usually default to Blue


I also default to blue except with Bank of America always requires black. Read assignment instructions if available.


Some county recorders also have ink color requirements - I don’t recall which one it is or what state, but somewhere it’s required the cert be printed all in black and the notary signature be in blue (info posted here and elsewhere in the past). if your notary laws in your state to not specify, then IMO it’s up to title/lender/hiring party to advise you of any quirky requirements. If a GNW assignment, then signer should check with document recipient and ask them.