What do you do during the awkward silence?

When the borrowers need to read everything, what do you do during awkward silence?

Hi, I have had readers and I make sure I have the next document ready to go. I sit silently until the client is done reading and ready to sign and move on. These signings usually take a little longer but, I do not rush the signers. I then may adjust my overview of the documents to make sure they have a better understanding of what they are signing. Have a productive day!

This was meant as humor. … I find that my mind wanders to things happening outside. Just a little light-hearted humor.

Learn to nap with your eyes open? (okay, that’s how it feels to me…)

Look startled and say, “Oh, I’m sorry - I thought you’d reviewed these already! Gosh, are we doing this cold? I didn’t realize! Here, let me read everything to you…” And proceed to do so. In the most droning monotone you can manage.

That ought to have them begging to just sign already!

(Joke… but don’t we wish?)

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