What do you wish title companies knew or did?

I was contacted by a few title companies this week who had almost no instructions for me.
All they told me was to just wait for the file to arrive. One didn’t even want me to bother the customers and call them beforehand. They didn’t even give me their phone number! This week, I had two contacts from one title company and after the signing, I scanned/emailed the file to those two people. The next morning, I found they were expecting me to email it to the lender instead. Due to that, I think they were a day late in getting the file because the title people had already left for the day. I felt there was a real lack of communication that could have been avoided.

I find this results in tons of questions/answers that go back and forth. I’d like to ask my list of questions when I have the title company on the phone, but often they’re rushed, just want to find a notary, and that’s it. How do you deal with it? Do you keep a list of questions and make sure they’re answered on the phone, or do you just email the questions? And what are some things you wish title companies would do to make it all go smoother?

Clear, consise, (1 pg. max w/bullet points) CURRENT written instructions, preferably as attachment or in the body of the ‘docs are ready’ e-mail.

I recently had a HELOC of 120 pages from a major TC and the instructions (1st pg.in doc pkg) merely said Print once, 2 copies of Agr. & Security must be returned. Duplicated copies go to Borrower.

OK, so now after printing, I go thru pile & pull out 3rd (& 4th!) copy of Agr. & Security and a few other docs that are duplicated…and wonder why they apparently do NOT want me to provide borrower with a copy of (at least) all the docs requiring borrowers signature. I no longer care–they get what they wrote (I have proof) because it’s also my experience that if you ask 3 questions, you’ll get an answer to one.

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It’s very frustrating to have unclear or incomplete instructions. I normally sit and worry about whether I did it all correctly, but I do the best I can without any instructions. I think from now on, I’m going to send them an email containing exactly what you wrote in your first paragraph. Thanks.