What every Notary Public should always keep with them

In my experience, the key to generating additional income as a general Notary Public is the ability to respond quickly to requests from the public, sliding GNW jobs into open spots in your calendar whenever possible, keeping travel distances short. To that end, I’ve learned to keep the following items available with me:

Journal, of course.
Blank acknowledgements and jurats
Supply of blue pens
A few black pens
My Samsung tablet
Business cards

Now, this is the equipment I keep handy for GNW. I keep a laptop and portable scanner on hand as well, for loan signings.

Anyone have other suggestions for things helpful to keep on hand?


I would add some blank sheets of legal and letter size paper and a small stapler to judikidd’s list.

How about portal scanner ? ( thought ).

You nailed the list for the most part!
if doing a lot of mobile notary work though then its important to have a portable point of sale (POS) equipment such as chip, magstripe, or contactless readers and of course tablet or laptop, which can be done without the readers mentioned earlier it would just require you to enter all the details manually…

Besides that if your state permits the use of both stamp and embosser but requires one, then id invest in which ever of the two the state doesn’t require.
Reason i say this is because every state is different in their notarial laws, a document used in another state could be rejected due to not having the required seal for its state laws… then client comes to you with a fuss although its not your problem, it is a nice addition to have and adds extra security to the document.
I do most of my notary work in Panama City Beach, Florida which has a lot of out of stage tourist that seek last minute notarizations so this is likely more important for me due to this reason then notaries who work in small cities.

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She did mention portable scanner

Right! I forgot the money! Carry $20 in change. (I carry 4 $5s). Also, you will need either a swiper or chip reader, or an app for payments. (I use SquareUp).


I carry a small stapler in my briefcase in case I have to attach a loose cert.

Also carry my business license (laminated) since I’m mobile - just in case folks ask.

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I carry a pack of Lucky’s and a Zippo lighter for after the signing.

(not really)


A snack size ziploc bag with a few paper clips and rubber bands. And don’t forget stapler refills for that mini stapler in your case.


Heck no! I have 9 grandchildren! No room for a scanner! Im perfectly happy with my phone scanner


agreed. My phone scanner has been more reliable than the 2 scanners I bought and returned.


I do carry paper clips! Great suggestions!

WA includes a business card sized copy of our license when issued. I stick it in my wallet behind my NNA membership card.


I use a Magic Wand to scan photo IDs - I don’t want those things on my phone.

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I am often far from home between jobs. Carrying my little portable scanner lets me set up in a quiet corner of a coffee shop and securely scan a high quality 75 - 100 page package in 10 minutes.

This procedure allows me to stack appointments in more remote areas, making the distance cost effective.


I bring my scanner with me to the appointment on those that require scanbacks. I scan their ID’s right into the file as well. This way I can scan and upload before I close out the signing order. I have done scans both ways at the signing and after in my car or at the library ect. I have found it has been more efficient completing them while I am with the signers. Of course this is if they have a table to work off at the signing. (I have been on many signings and are luck to have a table or signed on clipboards)

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ha ha there is no way I would put a portable scanner in my car. I have nine grand children! No they don’t ride with me all the time but I certainly don’t want to clog up my automobile with equipment. My phone works fine now and has for five years.

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I carry my macbook air with an Epson ES200 scanner. The scanner will work off laptop which is fine for a few pages (its slow) but when I need more pages scanned I do have a portable AC charger that will run anything up to 65 watts. I prefer the macbook as Windows 11 doesn’t always act right with the scanner.

Hi Judi ~ really like when they started issuing business card sized license. I have a longer wallet with divided sections ~ 1st section DL, Cash, personal DC and CC ~ 2nd section Notary ID cards, business cards, COVID Vac. card for hospitals entrance ~ 3rd section personal med ins cards, personal MD card, other misc cards. My cell phone holds other ID stuff like Auto Ins, etc. When I finally retire will down size to tiny wallet :slightly_smiling_face:

In my catalog case I carry everything [pens, blank certificates, two notary seals, phone, business cards, finger stickup, alcohol wipes, shoe covers, masks, etc], except a laptop and scanner. Since signings have slowed returning to the office for post processing no longer slows down my process.