What if we started County/State NSA parties

Dear fellow notary brothers and sisters…

What if we as NSAs decided per county, what we would agree to a minimum package pricing, forcing agencies to title companies to ensure a proper payment for all types of signings? If we were to stand strong on certain pricing for scanbacks, docs over 200 pages, distances over 25 miles one way, etc, we would be able to force agencies to pass on respectable pricing for all NSAs in your area. They get away with what we allow…let’s take our industry back!!!

I’m game with any and all notaries in Clark County, Nevada…We could contact all notaries under NSA and NNA asking them to sign a petition that can be sent to all agencies and title companies we currently work with on an agreed pricing structure. They NEED us! Who’s interested in showing our strength?

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Beware price-fixing; and believe me, you’re not the first person to call for this; just set your own fees at what is acceptable to you and work for those companies that respect your decision.

Linda speaks truth. Nobody needs a call from the Dept. of Justice about price-fixing…and it HAS happened.