What info to give to Signing companies or lenders

I searched through the forums and found that it’s okay to provide them with a W-9, with an EIN, not our SSN.
What about a company asking for a copy of my driver’s license, Notary Commission, copy of notary bond, E&O insurance, and my background check?
Is this normal? I did my first loan signing today. It wasn’t an actual loan, but a loan modification.
Thank you for any help.

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Congrats on signing #1!

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Any time this has been required I provided it, HOWEVER I redacted the driver’s license and BGC (not sure if they still do it but the NNA BGC used to contain SS and DL numbers ) - I made the copies, blocked all the PII (Personal Identifying Information) out with a marker on any document that contained it then sent it to them - had a few companies that were not happy about the redaction but I just told them that I wasn’t comfortable giving them all that PII. It did not seem to effect the work I got.

Also had a company once ask for a copy of my automobile insurance policy - didn’t give that either - not their business; another asked to be named “loss payee” on my E&O - companies don’t do that. So that didn’t go through either…


Linda, Thank you! Those are excellent suggestions.