What is best for a 2nd line on my cellphone for business? Using my mobile service provider or a VoIP?

Hi, everyone! I’m just starting to create my notary business in FL and I’d like to set up a business line for my appointments and clients on my cell phone. I have ATT as my cell provider, but I’m trying to determine if that’s my best course of action or if I should go with a VoIP such as Zoom, RingCentral, etc.

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I’ve been with AT&T many years and when I upgrade it, my last phone I added a new phone number for personal use and dedicated my old number to work. Both numbers are on the same phone. One is just declared a business and when it rings from unknown it will have my name just like my profiles read, then when the call comes in from my personal tells me it’s a contact and/or personal number my work line and my personal line on one phone. This feature was only a couple dollars to add and then I realized I could save 50 a month having my cell bill on an auto payment with a debit card , so when I did this, my overall bill actually went down $55 lol but that’s what I recommend
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After searching forever, and finally decidingni wanted a second phone, I went with VISIBLE, by Verizon. Its new, and Its a seperate thing from the big Verizon. Its $35 a month with unlimited everything, including unlimited hotspot!
The monthly bill includes all of your taxes, line access fees, usage, everything! My bill is literally
$35 a month, and its been fantastic.
I believe they have a $25 a montisaa well
They use Verizons coverage map, so I have had no problems with coverage anywhere. Hope this helps!

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Thank you for this! It’s very helpful. I appreciate the advice.

Have a great day!

Thank you! This is very helpful. :slight_smile: I will do some comparisons. Have a great day!

I second Visible. The unlimited hotspot won me over. It helps especially when you have hybrid signings in rural areas with rough service.

When I first started, I was using Straight Talk with an unlocked phone. I made the business pay for the phone and the line.

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