What is the best legitimate Signing Agent Course?

I am a New York State Notary Public and looking into becoming a Signing Agent. I was contacted by Signing Professionals of America but I think it sounds like a scam. I researched the National Notary Association along with 123notary.com. The National Notary Association looks like they offer a reasonably priced course as well as $65.00 for the background check. Some of these companies want $500.00 for your background check. I am just looking at the best way to get into this field and any help from someone who’s “been there and done that” would be very much appreciated.

Welcome fellow New Yorker. Try the National Notary Association first, than I suggest Mark Wills Loan Signing System. Mark is great. If you want, private message me which part of NY you are in and I may be able to assist. Best of Luck.

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Thank you for the fast reply. After doing some poking around on this site, there is much discussion about the National Notary Association so I believe this is the route I am going to go as they apparently are a legitimate resource. I am in the northern part of New York (Watertown). Not anywhere near the big city.

NNA - you can take the test $ 60.00? , and I had background check through them as well.

Go with Carol @ notary2pro.com


I’m self-taught by reading on the web, especially one of the other notary forums. I don’t like NNA for anything, but they are widely accepted for their background check and their certification. I didn’t learn anything from their signing agent course I didn’t already know, but it makes some hiring parties happy.

All the companies that contact me out of the blue to pay for their training or pay a fee to be added to their directories are, in my opinion, scams.

$500 for a background check is absurd.

NYS Background check through NNA is more expensive than most other states but I agree with Ashton, $500 is insane and BS if you ask me.

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I’ve taken the LSS Mark Wills course, and realized that MOST if not all of the videos he uses in his courses, that I paid for, were actualy FREE on his YouTube channel. I took it to see if he provided any NEW marketing techniques, and he didn’t. I guess it depends on your style of learning. IF you’re absolutely NEW to this profession, and want to take your time learning, then I strongly suggest you take the Notary2Pro course taught by Carol Ray, who has MORE industry knowledge and experience, but is VERY hands on with her students online and on the phone! Very important especially if you have questions. Mark is not as reachable. She offers many incentives to graduates including a real working list of hiring companies that hire her graduates FIRST. Its worth the money for her course. Now if you like to learn from a personable fast talking Tony Robbins-esq showman, then Mark is your man. He is very knowledgeable, but I found his course geared more towards Cali NSAs and some of this techniques are not very realistic for most NSAs working outside of Cali. Ultimately, its your decision, but since you’re asking, I’d recommend Carol Ray’s course, Notary2Pro. Good luck New Yorker, from this ChiTown gal.


Thank you for the information. I have emailed Carol Ray to inquire what their cost is for the background check portion of the process. At NNA it is $65.00 which was reasonable compared to the one site that quoted me the $500.00 which was ridiculous.

I am not sure if she offers background checks, but it doesn’t hurt to ask her as she knows everything! lol. Good luck to you!

Carol does not offer background checks per se, regarless of which training u get , you must get the NNA background check. It is almost universally accepted


I have to agree with you on that Chicagonotaryservice, I noticed more of the free YouTube content after I had taken the course. I also think that the course is mainly geared to escrow states like Cali. I do like his technique and felt comfortable in my skills after taking his course. Mark was very responsive to me when I reached out directly and helped me a lot when I was starting out. I have also heard great things about Carol Ray. Not one bad review on her either.


I use the NNA for all my training and supplies. They are compliant with most of the signing companies out there, very thorough and pricing is very reasonable! They are the best in my opinion!

I use the NNA for certification and background checks. A lot of my clients start bugging me months before they expire, saying they can’t work with me without them. They’re reasonable and keep me working.

Both courses are particular and its up to the NSA taking it. I think for the younger generation, and I know I’ll get flac for this, Marks course maybe better. For us old farts, lol, I preferred Carol’s course. It wasn’t as ‘sales pitchy’ if you will as the LSS course.


IF u decide to buy the Mark’s COurse , use my affiliate link :slightly_smiling:

I understand Mark pays a referral fee.

Great way to buy folks for sharing info…not!

I haven’t taken Mark’s course but agree with Carrie as to it being the preference of the individual taking the course. I’ve watched quite a few of his videos. He seems to be very knowledgeable and has some great tips. I made the decision to go with Carol Ray’s course after reading the recommendations of other NSAs and watching her 30 minute (free) introductory video. She’s very knowledgeable with a straightforward, no-nonsense approach. Being somewhat of an excitable person, listening to her videos was very calming and reassuring. I don’t need anything that hypes me up! :grinning:

I took the NNA test without the course by studying an NNA course book I got on ebay. Also got their background check. Almost everyone requires these. But I didn’t really know enough so I took Notary2Pro course which really prepared me for signings.