What is the best Printer

What type of printers is everyone using. I was told to get a dual tray, B/W laser printer. I can’t find one . The ones I can afford seem to be out of stock and I can’t start signing until I find one.

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I was looking at the Brother 6200dwt and I guess I’ll just wait until I find one in stock. Thank you

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Brother HL- L5200DWT, definitely!
Been using 2 of them for 6 years now, no issues! Stick with brand toner. :slight_smile:

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I have 2, Brother 5200 and 6200. I bought the 6200 single tray, then realized my mistake. I got a good price from GoVets on a 5200dwt (dual tray) in April, but it was delayed until May, then again until July. In the meantime I paid too much for a second tray for the 6200.

These printers are some of cargo stuck offshore due to COVID-induced problems. The 5200 just arrived, still in the box.
You may need to order one and just wait. I think there are HP models in stock somewhere, but I don’t know their quality or printing cost.


I totally agree with you the HL-L5200dwt is the best!!!
I got a HL-L62000 and it couldn’t handle the pressure after a few weeks. It started to show smudging on the paperwork!:cry::confounded:
and when I called brother to see if they could help me fix it, they told me to wipe the roller
with rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab :hushed::scream_cat:
I’m not a techie with printers so I don’t feel comfortable doing that myself LOL

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