What Printer and Scanner are Best for Signing Agents

I seem to be having problems with my Brother ADS 2200 scanner (that is brand new). It seems to
be doing some with the document headings (taking off some ink when scanning) and also marks from what looks like the rollers. I clean the darn thing - and it might work for awhile without the smudges, but then there it is again.

Also, I seem to be having intermittent problems with my Brother HLL6200DW. Like when I printed the deed of trust a couple of pages came out not as clear as the other pages. Now I do use the genuine Brother toners (12,000 pages). However this printer allows me to reset the toners to sort of “begin again”. Maybe I should be putting in a new toner rather than resetting it. I checked the drum and the printout came out just fine.

I have been a signing agent what feels like forever. So I am not a newbie. But I never seem to have had these frustrating problems with my “tools”.

What scanners and printers do you use that seem to work well steadily, clearly, and look great no matter how many documents you do in a month?



I just bought a Brother L5850DW and have scanning issues, you can only scan in one format per job, legal or letter, why this company doesn’t have mixed scans setting is beyond me, this company has been around forever…that’s ridiculous.

Worst off… scan speed is stupid slow. it took over 10 minutes to scan a 108-page set, every other age buffers for what seems like forever, guess what’s going back this week?? Before anyone assumes, yes, I’m tech savy and I’ve tried multiple settings.


Best investment for me was the Brother HL-L6200DW. Hasn’t failed me yet.

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Correction, the Brother 6200 does not have a scanner, it only prints. I bought a Brother ADS-2200 scanner.

Hi KLein123 I’m a newbie and was trying to get any of the printers that were highly recommended by notary guru’s with no success.

I happen to do my own newbie research according to what the industry is requiring. I was able to score a Canon ImageClass MF445dw at Office Depot for approx $450 with warranty. It only prints black and white but who cares it gets the job done. The scanner is super fast. So maybe you can look into this one.

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