What printer please, do you use?

Does anyone know a laser printer for letter and legal that has a scanner and also color?

Why in the world would you want to use a laser printer that has color for NSA job?

I am a realtor too, I need to print color

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Okay that’s understandable:)

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I still don’t understand the need to print color in this industry (almost everything is online now). If it’s for bulk jobs (like flyers) I recommend Staples or one of those types of printing services. May prove to be cheaper (depending on needed quantity).

I agree it is way cheaper to use Staples or Office Depot to print your brochures or flyers. I have 4 printers. One dual tray HP color printer that I rarely use for anything anymore, but for NSA job I have an epson color scanner, two busy brother printers and one stand by.

I run with two Brother printers (5200 and 6200) and a separate scanners. This allows me to run three jobs at once.

I run 2 Brother dual tray 6400, 1 Brother 6200 dual tray, 1 Brother 5200 dual tray and sometimes my MFC Brother fax machine as a back up for all letter or legal documents. It got so busy for me in 2020 and 2021, I added the 6400’s.

The one thing I noticed in some of the newbies comments is about DEAD BEAT companies. Doing monthend, I do not take on new customers. There is no time to check them out.
If I do check them out and have taken the order, if the information is unfavorable. I kindly call email or text them back and say I have to decline this order at this time. If they ask why, I tell them honestly. Period

I have been a Mobile Loan Signer for 16 plus years.

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