What software is best for notaries?

I need help deciding what software is best for NSAs. I’m looking for a database where I can storage my assigned appointments or scheduling, mileage, companies I do business with, payments and invoices. I’ve read about Notary Gadget and Notary Assist!?
Can someone please help me choose one? Inputs welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have been using Notary Assist software for many years. I find it to be AWESOME!

The Notary Assist software is:

  • User friendly
  • Easy to sort the data with column sort priorities
  • Perfect for maintaining the schedule of engagements
  • Simple to monitor accounts payable
  • Easy to create new Clients and support team members in my database
  • Creates invoices
  • One-step backup process
  • Data entry in overview mode or within each engagement popup screen
  • Great to ease of accessing data at Tax Time
  • Excellent report creation tools
  • Easy to alter previously created engagement data
  • Outstanding mileage monitoring reports
  • Software is designed to report income correctly [exclusion of notarial fees from income reports]

@cNsa5 thank you for your recommendation! Does it create invoices? In case I might need to issue one.

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Yes, this software creates invoices, multiple types of reports including mileage and supply reports, etc.

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I used both Notary Assist and Notary Gadget to determine which one I like best. After two months, I decided to go in favor of Notary Gadget because it had just a tad bit more information than Notary Assist kept. But they really do all of the same things. Also notary assist is $7.99/month and gadget is $9.95/month.


I use Notary Gadget and its worked very well for me. I’ve heard that both this and Notary Assist are similar, so try the free trial and see which on YOU like best :slight_smile:


How does Notary Gadget compare to Ven Books?
Any feedback here?