What Supplies Do I Need in My Bag For GNW?

Below are our recommendations for what to pack for GNW:


  • Notary journal - Even if your state does not require you to keep a journal, we still recommend doing so.

  • Stamp - Self-inking is best. Ensure that you stamp is state-compliant before purchasing! Bonus points if it comes with a locking device.

  • Pens - Both blue and black, at least three of each.

  • State-compliant loose certificates - A few for each notarial act that you can perform in your state.

  • Business cards - A no brainer!


  • Embossing seal - If permitted by your state, clients may request that you affix a raised seal to their document.

  • Disposable shoe covers - Some clients will ask you to remove your shoes when you enter their homes. Instead of walking around barefoot or in your socks, we recommend keeping a few pairs of disposable shoe covers in your notary bag. They can be purchased from many online retailers.

  • Clip board - You won’t always have a flat surface on which to sign documents, trust us on this one!

  • Mini stapler - For attaching loose certificates when necessary.

  • State Primer - If you have a printed copy of your state’s notary primer, we recommend keeping it with you for quick reference.

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