What to do?

Hello fellow notaries, I have a dilemma at the moment and would like some advice, please… couple of days ago I was assigned to do a notarization for FieldChoice, and I took it because it’s less than 5 minutes away from me (yes! in my city) and the fee is $100, and I didn’t know how many pages until I checked in the platform that is a ONE page assignment plus scanbak. To make things clear, on my part, I asked them to confirm with their client if the amount of paper is correct. In less than 20 minutes they responded “yes, only one page, can you give us a discount?”… I don’t have a problem in giving them a discount of $25-$40 dollars, as long they would keep considering my name for future assignments. Am I being too naive thinking that being flexible in this assignment would get me in their top list in my area?
WHAT would you do???

Yes, you’re being naive. Remember you’re running a business. And…the minute you drop or decrease your fee, then your 5 minutes will become 30 minutes and your ONE page will turn into 50 pages and you’ll regret it. If $100 is what you charge then stick to it. And…doing special favors don’t get you at the top of anything. Be Blessed.


That’s exactly what my husband said. Thank you :blush:

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You got a good husband, listen to him😀 You’re welcome🤩

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I respectfully disagree with lrdb42 … and your husband ( :slight_smile: )

I’m thinking if you do cut them some slack for “one piece of paper 5 minutes away”…within reason of course…you may have yourself a good client for life - they know you’ll work with them and be reasonable…because honestly, is it reasonable to get paid $100 for one piece of paper 5 minutes away??

It’s your call but I would have discounted and worked out a future work deal with them.

JMO (and apologies to the hubby) :slight_smile:

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I’m afraid it might not go that way, and this reasoning of a discount would put me in their low ball bins :thinking:

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With all due respect to all involved, they offered, you accepted. End of story. Yes, I agree, you’re being naive as your decrease will not be remembered for 5 minutes. All they want is to get it assigned & on to the next one. There is no loyalty or even memory in this biz…particularly true with the larger companies with many schedulers (who may not be there next week).


Thank you @Arichter… I never responded to their request, because I thought that the same company when I have asked for a little bit more money they just have turned me down and go to their next agent who accepts their offer.

Exactly! Seems to be a one-way street.

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