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So, I completed a “messy” signing this past weekend. By “messy” I am referring to the condition of the documents sent to me. The wife’s last name was misspelled. If you are married, would your last name not be spelled the same as your husbands? There was a $25 discrepancy in the closing costs, and, several of the notary pages were pre-filled for a state that I am not licensed in.

So when I scan back the executed documents, the company calls and tells me they are sending me the notary pages that had the wrong state pre-filled with the correction of my state that I am licensed in and that I am to notarize them, date them for the date I met the client for execution, and scan them back.

My problem is they did not include the documents with these notary pages. The pages were just the last page of “some document” where I would typically place my notarization.

Would anyone else have a problem with notarizing these pages?

Yes…I would have a problem. First off, here in Florida (not sure where you are) - we cannot notarize an incomplete document nor can we made any corrections to the notarial certificate without meeting with the signer again, and the cert MUST bear the date we meet with them. Having just the notary page, and signing as they’ve asked you to sign in this scenario, is not permitted here.

I’m pretty sure all states require you to have the complete document but check your notary laws or check with your SOS if this is permissible or not. Also check to see if a simple correction to the notarial cert is permitted. As for the date, I’d wager you cannot backdate the cert.

Good Luck

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I get deals all the time where the venue info on the notary certificates don’t match where I am. Some lenders pre-fill them. I just line thru the wrong state, write “North Carolina” and initial the change. Never had a problem.


I would not have closed it Normally the closing instructions tell you to check the documents. If the names ,dates, rescind dates ,or $ are wrong, I expect a corrected package or pages before I leave for the closing or get the lenders direction and approval to change the documents. You cannot notarize a document an incorrect State or County you are notarizing in. It has to be corrected, by you or the lender. That is one change I will correct and initial. That is pretty common. The mortgage must be correct as a recorded document. The dates match the date they are signed and name must match the deed/ title.

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