Where do you get your paper from?

Where are good places to buy printer paper from - good paper but on the cheaper side… I can see how fast I’m using paper and ink - looking for value!

I have found that size, availability, quality and price govern paper-buying. In my experience, Staples and Costco have met my criteria. Look to pay around $40 for a ten ream case of letter size paper. A few buck more for legal size.

It might be a good idea to see how many signings you get out of a ream or, for that matter, a case of letter size paper. That info may give you an indicator as to how often you need to place an order if you want home delivery (and who wouldn’t?). Just be sure to plan ahead. Nothing worse that getting orders and not having enough paper on hand to do the jobs. :innocent:

I buy my ink and toner from staples and often around sale time and when they have rewards incentives. For example, last week using my $52.10 rewards and ink toner recycle rewards cashback I was able to get a box (10 reams)and a pack of legal folders and only had to pay $7.15. The rewards do add up.


Amazon essentials paper

Letter at CostCo, legal at OfficeMax, toner Amazon


Try your local Office Depot. Ask the store manager(not manager on duty) about their Salvage paper program. S/He may say they discontinued it but they just restarted the program. They can get pallets of paper that has been returned to the store or boxes that are broke and resell them. They cost the store $0 to get it that is pure profit for them. My local store sells me an entire pallet of 30 to 40 cases for $10 each. If I try to buy it and smaller quantities they charge $20 a case. Of course this means you have to be able to move and store that much paper. If I buy a whole pallet there will be some paper I will not use oh, but I donated to my local schools and get a write off at the retail price. I take the letter size paper to a local printer and they cut it in half for $2 a ream.


What a fantastic idea… I love how you think!

The Costco Business Center near me is $29.99 for letter and $45.99 for Boise legal

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Wait they have legal at your Costco? I buy my letter at Costco but didn’t see any legal:(

At the Costco Business center-different than a regular Costco, yep


Thank you! Good to know. I will have to drive a little further to the Costco business Center but it is cheaper than buying at OfficeMax! So thank you for sharing. Where are you at?

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I am in Northern California

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Looks like you guys are doing Ron soon over there?

So they say…but its still a year out is what the word on the street is.

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Yeah, I heard about it and it sounds like a chaos! I am not sure if I would do RON closing if were a Notary in CA.

Beware of that Boise X9 paper!! I had a horrible time with it, and I’m not the only one. IMO that is the worst paper - it curls like crazy - I got a BOGO deal at Office Max (back before they merge w/ Depot) - had it delivered, tried one package and had them come back and take it back, got a full refund. That is the worst paper on the market…IMO


Good to know! :thinking:Thanks!

:100: Percent => Absolutely Accurate (my direct experience as well).


This is why I love being in this forum. You don’t know what you don’t know…now I know. I appreciate y’all


Where are YOU at, what state?