Whine or Market, it is up to you

Things are slow, everybody is hurting for work. Are you mining your Linked In account? Are you mining your Alignable account? Facebook, Twitter and all the rest? Are you mining all those years of journals? I have a thriving GNW market in my area and here’s where I get business;

Hospitals, Assisted Living Facilities, Nursing and Rehab facilities, Hospices. Hook up with their patient advocate / concierge person.

Some UPS and shipping stores will not do certain documents. Deeds, wills and trusts. Find out who the owner is and market to them as taking the liability out of their hands.

When you do have a closing appointment, leave 3 of 4 cards for the client to hand out to their neighbors. Keep your ears OPEN, I pass out cards at Walmart all the time.

Look up title companies on LinkedIn, Alignable, etc and add them to your contacts.

Get involved with community services, food pantries, local political party of your choice. It doesn’t take much of your time and you’ll feel a lot better to be helping your community.

Market, market, market and then, market some more. It’s wait for the phone to ring or you make it ring!


Excellent…info… Thanks


I hope it all works out for you with all that marketing! I’ve done all of that and NOTHING! I’ve taken a 9-5 Monday to Friday job as a notary in title services. No more gigs for me


Thank you for this! Also banks as well. Yes they have an in house notary but they will be occupied or out of the office (weekends). there are only two type of day a busy day and a marketing day!


Don’t forget to join your local chamber of commerce !

Oh no! You went to the businesses in person too?

Thanks, this is very helpful. I will begin going to hospitals, convalescent homes, hospices, rehabs, etc. this month, starting next week and marketing.