Who are the best signing companies to work with a beginning NSA?

As I am going into the different signing companies to register I’m finding that most want an experienced signing agent. Are there signing companies who will assign a new NSA orders? Who have you found the easiest to get started with? Thank you!

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I’m having the same issue. It’s the nature of the business especially since work is slow at the moment. Snapdocs will send me text requests real random with little to no time to prep at low ball payments, which I’ve refused each time and stated why. Southern California here. Good luck!

Refi rates are up. Who in their right mind would refi out of a 3% into a 4% or more loan… So NSA business is down. Lots of experienced people out there with not much work to go around. This is the rock bottom of a cycle that’s been going on for an unprecedented 20 years. Bad timing trying to get in now–while experienced NSAs are looking for greener pastures.
And don’t think you can break in by accepting chump change…you’ll just go broke faster.