Who are the top 3 agencies to sign up with?

I used signing stream and had a close that didn’t finalize due to an error on the paper work and they wouldn’t cover travel or printing fees. NotaryGO has been too challenging but SnapDoc has been amazing. I’m wondering what top 3 signing agencies you would recommend or had great experiences with. I see an average of 50.00 - 100.00

Thank you


If you are working for $50 to $100, you need to look at your costs much more closely as you are most likely working for free. The companies you’ve mentioned are among the worst around. There is no ‘top 3’… Business comes from all over and you need to market to those companies who do not use a ‘not-notary-friendly’ site like SnapDocs.


Top three I use are Mortgage Connect , mortgageconnectlp.com , First American Signature FASS, and snapdocs. I have close to 60 companies I am signed up with and find that necessary for a steady stream of assignments. I like to periodically review the list at 123notary.com of Top Companies. Creating a relationship with local title companies can be profitable. Aside from periodic single assignments they will hire for a full day or week when office is short staffed especially at end of month. Good luck to you !


Just a note - remember that SnapDocs is not a signing company. They are simply a software service that various SS use.

Yes, SnapDocs is merely a platform used by signing services - and they are not your best friend…also I’d like to point out that 123notary.com is a directory just like this one - and that’s all it is. Their list of signing companies is badly outdated and those companies listed are not necessarily Top Companies - many are out of business or have gone belly-up due to bad business practices, or are no-pay/slow pay companies.

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I would like to point out that Notary Rotary also has a rated list of companies. Rated by Notaries like ourselves based on history and how easy they are to work with. Some of those companies have also gone out of business

snapdocs may be merely a platform but I get a lot of work from different companies and they all meet my pay request so I don’t see why you are making the differential.

Was responding to previous poster who pointed out that snapdocs is not a signing company …they are a means to an end… A conduit used by signing and title companies for their assignmentsts…they have nothing g to do with payment negotiations or payment policies.

how do you sign up with them or are you calling them direct to offer your services.