Who Goes First?

You arrive at a signing at the appointed time and as you walk into the house you see that another notary is already there. At first you think there’s a conflict and somehow you both got assigned to that job. Upon questioning the other notary, you find out that it’s actually a different property from a different lender (and different signing service) that the other notary is there for. The borrower had asked that the signings both be scheduled at the same time. Now the question becomes…Who goes first?

I have my preference but I’d like to know what everyone else thinks…Would you try to go first or would you prefer that the other notary goes first, even though you’ll have to sit around while that signing takes place?

I normally give myself space between appointments and would allow the other notary to go first. I prefer to be the one to be remembered (hopefully by my signing going flawlessly and being the last person they had signed with so can leave an impression for possible referrals and a good review-so far it’s worked in my favor as I am a preferred for several of my companies/LO’s).

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Since the other notary had already arrived ahead of me I would automatically place myself second in the queue position. But, I would also ask the signers if they had a preference in signing position depending on the property and any requirement based on closing timeline. (They may not be aware or have no preference for signing position. I would do this as a courtesy to all parties present.)

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I would hope that first come, first to service, becomes that goto on this one. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Very selfish of the borrower to assume a notary has time to wait. They could have done an hour difference. I would let the signing service know that I have to wait an hour in order to begin the signing. Your time is worth something.

Some people simply don’t have any consideration for another person’s time. Or they aren’t thinking. Maybe a combination of both. The other thing is, some signers have no idea about how long the signing process can take. Some sound shocked when I tell them it could take 45-60 minutes. Whatever the case, I would expect little sympathy from the signing service that you contracted with…and certainly not an adjustment of your fee.