Why do I keep accepting assignments from Amrock?

Just got an email from Amrock.

Basically, “… upon review, the Deed of Trust was never received back in our office.”

Seriously? The DOT was in the middle of the package. This package did not require scans. I verified all docs before leaving the table. My journal notes that the DOT was completed and stamped. I placed the signed package in a UPS envelope and sealed it - the docs were never carried around loose after signing.

So they received all other 111 pages SURROUNDING the DOT, but for some strange reason, I would have removed the DOT before sending the package back?

Seriously. Uh - no.

This is the third time in six years Amrock has done this to me. The second time, I had actually scanned the package before sending it out, because I was so shaken by the first time. When I received the email that six pages of the second package were missing, I told them I had a scan of the completed package. I was informed that the scan was not proof that I had placed all documents in the shipping envelope, and therefore had no value.

So once we send a package out, we have no way to prove that everything that should be included was actually in the sealed package.

In 11 years and over 5,000 signings, Amrock is the only company with which I have ever had this problem.

Anyone else out there have a similar experience, or am I just unique this way?


Well, not the exact experience, but, regardless of what the issue is, Amrock’s position is it’s always your fault. Even with proof–argue ‘too much’ and you just don’t hear from them anymore. They’re the boss, you’re a bug.


Yep…that’s Amrock…back when they were Title Source, I did a purchase signing for them…a week later got notification that I did not notarize the Warranty Deed. Ummm…cough cough…I did Buyer side, not Seller side…tbey had another notary in my area do the seller side. Smh


Third time they have said I missed a doc. Not missed anything on a doc - missed the entire thing.

A 9 page DOT buried in the center of the package. Neither signed doc on either side was missing. It wasn’t a page, but the complete doc.

Yeah. I’m the reason it went missing. Sure.

More likely scenarios:

  1. Their scanner ate the signature page.

  2. An Amrock employee spilled coffee on the DOT.

  3. The DOT is sitting on an escrow officer’s desk buried under a pile of paper.

Etc, etc, etc.

But it’s all my fault because I am the scapegoat. Excuse me - the contractor.

Yeah, not at all sure I want to continue this relationship.


So true. And boy - do I feel squashed.


Funny thing… after getting squashed by them, I get their jobs from SS for more $ than I contracted with Amrock for. Not as many, but better pay. Kind of a strange sorta win/win.


I came up with a way to ensure the package is complete when I send it.

Of course, I always verify correct completion at the table. I will place a shipping envelope in the classification folder with the original document package. Once I have completed my verification, I will load the signed docs into the shipping envelope, seal it closed, then ask the borrowers to initial the flap. I will take a photo of the initialed and sealed envelope, then I will drop at UPS.

Amrock rarely requires scans, so this procedure will provide me with witness/es that all signed docs were placed in a sealed shipping envelope prior to my leaving the table. The initials on the flap will be proof that I did not remove the documents from the sealed shipping envelope.

This should provide proof that all documents were shipped out to Amrock in the original shipping package.


Don’t bet on it. I sent them several photos of my cell screen that showed their #, the timeS the attempted callS were made and that there was no reception (middle of nowhere). Wasn’t good enough. Still got dinged for not making the call in time…which is still showing 1 yr. later.

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You know the employee who screwed up will never admit to it, regardless that not doing so will cost us, the contractor, 90 days worth of work. Amrock is not my largest client, but at an average of 3 signings a week, that’s averaging $1,200 a month or $3,600 over 90 days. All because an employee wouldn’t own up to losing/damaging/destroying a document.

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if you intend to continue doing work for them, I would scan and hold the critical docs until you’re paid.