Why does it take so long for Edocs to be sent to notary signing agents?

This is a major inconvenience to have to wait until the 11th hour to get the docs for a signing! Any tips to prevent this would be helpful!

At the time you accept an Order, tell them you must have docs no later than (whenever). Then, if/when you haven’t received them an hour or so before ‘whenever’, send an e-mail. If you still don’t have them by your stated time, you can pretty much do whatever works for you. Cancel, call B & check if they’ll be available later (I usually ask ‘how late is too late?’).

Be aware that some like to send them 2 hours prior to appt. time…regardless of when they actually received them, but will send earlier if you ask. I guess the ‘2 hrs before’ companies are trying to eliminate issues with notaries over last minute changes/docs already printed 2 days before Appt…and, well, you should have waited to print on the ‘day of’…not 2 days early. Most have a ‘do not print earlier than 12 hours prior to Appt.’ policy as you won’t be paid a print fee unless it cancels/changes WITHIN 2 hrs. of Appt.

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The truth of the matter is, signing agencies don’t have control of the documents. The documents are handed off to them from Title companies and Lenders, so they simply wait to get the docs whenever they get the docs, then email them to the signing agent.

If it puts you in a time crunch, honestly they care but not so much where they’d become overly concerned. Typically, the signing agency will tell You to contact the signer and advise them You will be late. If you’re waiting on the signing agency to step up and say, it their fault…well, continue to hold your breath. #ItsNotGoingHappen

I understand your frustration with the wait game, I really do, but unfortunately it’s also the price you pay when doing business with signing agencies. I’m a strong advocate of doing direct business with the Title companies, it will minimize your stress and frustrations in the long run.

As @Arichter you can always call and walk away from the signing . Just know that signing agencies are supposed to provide you the documents to you a minimum of two hours prior to the signing. It was my experience, this was something stated but not often achieved by the signing agency.

Hang in there…wishing you many more successful signing.

IME, some Title companies aren’t any better at getting docs to you timely. Particularly the really big ones. There are exceptions, of course.

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