Why I not getting signing orders

This is a questions asked by most new loan signing agents. Keep you faith and hopes for getting a loan signing order. Even experience loan signing agents have difficulty getting these email or text blasts orders. I just received a notification today, within the moment the notification appeared, in a blink of a second it was taken. That’s the norm currently! I also think, it’s the way certain signing services/title companies que their systems. For whatever the reasons, just keep being persistent and be vigilant. For the law of averages are in the favor for those, who keep trying. I am sending out some encouragement vibes…


Plus, it’s advisable to expand your field of services to make it easier to weather the peaks & valleys of the ever-elusive Signing Order supply.


For those who are novices, there is much wisdom available in this thread:



Mass text notices go out to all notaries approved by the platform. The fastest ones generally get the order. They normally take the first offer which is low. The order is going to require faxbacks. Faxbacks at one time were only required for same day funding but now are used as quality control since the company knows that they may have a quick fingered slow thinking notary. The amount of notary compensation that is retained by the signing entity with no demonstrable justification is astounding. If you have experience and expertise as a signing agent, you are choosing to give it away to the signing company. (End of rant)


I agree signings are hard to get, I have really focused on my GNW and getting into Apostille work its big in communities with a lot of foreigners’ and students looking to study internationally and teachers looking to teach out of the country as well.


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Thank you Mr. Carl for your words of wisdom. It is good seeing you again sir.

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@anecembest, Thank you for your kind words. May an abundance of blessings cover you and your business…

Thank you. And I’m sure you don’t remember me either