Why would the country’s top mortgage broker recruiting MLOs now?

Why would the country’s top mortgage broker recruiting MLOs now?

I was told that when the mortgage business was busy anyone with a couple brain cells can do it! Now that things are slowing down those people are quitting or being fired. So now they are looking for someone who can survive and make it through tough times! I got recruited to be an MLO! Whaat? They said they can teach anyone about their products but they can’t teach someone to be a salesperson! I was told that I am a natural salesperson and that I should get into mortgage origination and make $500,000 a year? What? Ok. Let me think….

When I was in banking I was one of the top producers and my coworkers said I can sell ice to eskimos! :grin:

Way more lucrative than notary work. Go for it.

If you can make $500K a year, I’d say go for it. You won’t lose your freedom if you have the ability and capacity to make that kind of dough. They’ll leave you alone because you’re making them a lot of money. Most loan officers I ever knew had it knocked if they were high producers. Nobody messed with the “cash cows”. JMO

Be very wary here - there was an incident years ago where someone was recruiting notaries to pass on borrowers’ information for insurance leads. Make sure this isn’t a scheme to farm your notary signers’ info for marketing purposes.

If it’s not…best of luck.


Go get it girl! My neighbor is a MLO for Citizens Bank. Banking/loan software and databases does 75% of his job (data entry). Apparently that stuff has come a long way. It was all the training (initial/annual) that he dreads the most. From what I understand, it’s your case load that dictates your work load. Good luck!

Being a natural salesperson is a big advantage in this field. It’s all about building relationships and effectively explaining the benefits of mortgage products to clients.

As for potential income, it’s better to reach out to a [Redacted: NC moderators], for additional advice on that. It’s cool that you were a top producer in banking, as that experience will give you a solid foundation for your new role.