Will I get work with background checks other than the NNA?

I’ve been a notary for about four years. I’m an online notary as well. I definitely want to become a signing agent. How ever I can’t pass the NNA background check because of my driving record. (No DUIs or hit and runs, just tickets from when I was younger). I’d definitely pass the background ground checks that exclude the driving records or only go back 3 years. Is it worth it to go ahead in the process, or will I not get work if I’m not NNA certified?

Thank you for your help!

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Doubtful as there are only 2 that are m/l acceptable and they both include driving record.

What is the other that is accepted?

Sterling is accepted by some–not all. But they still do the Driving record check. The background check is mandatory for signing agents. If you already know you won’t pass, you’d be wasting time/money trying.


I got “Not Approved” but in review from NNA background yesterday because of parking tickets (paid). Is this always going to block me from ever becoming an LSA? I can’t believe I got this far and invested so much time and money…but parking tickets will prevent me from actually getting work. I had no idea they checked DMV records because everywhere said they mostly check felonies and sex offender registry. I am really panicking about this. :frowning:

Im a die hard AAN member and I got my background thru NPBC and I get work all day every day. They are called Notary Public Background Check and theyre legit. Most all companies accept it and hire me.

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Below is a link to the point system used for passing or failing the NNA Background check:

Use it wisely.

If you don’t mind me asking what is a AAN member? I’m having the same issue with my driving record as well

I believe it’s the American Association of Notaries.