Will RON make this career dead? Newbie

Hello, I am in New York State and they are just allowing remote notarizations as of next year. I see they restrict the fee to $5. How is it even profitable to do this? seems like a waste of time. I reached out to the secretary of state to confirm if there are any additional fees we can charge to make it profitable. I am still waiting on a response.

Will the remote notary capability kill off the travel notary work anytime soon ? I am wondering this before I invest resources into learning this craft.


Don’t do it. The job is already oversaturated and there’s no new work since the interest rates for borrowing went up from 2% → 8% in 2 months. Nobody is buying or selling so don’t even buy a printer and find a different trade. I’m already $1000 deep or more and I regret it fully.

That’s pretty bad news. I am only looking to do this part time. Are you getting any business at all? Are you looking at any other good job opportunities that are self employed? I am in the search as well.