With inflation up to a 40-year high of 8.6%, the Fed raised its key interest rate by 3/4ths of a point and suggested that more hefty rate increases are likely

Sorry bout that! Good riddenens. :+1:

It’s “riddance”

And it still doesn’t make your post appropriate for this forum.



You are going to be missed. Your wisdom is remarkable. You always take the time to write in this forum information that is very good to read and to understand.
Your “resignation” from this forum and this service industry NSA is an unintended consequence of this economy we are in. We, as a country are in a deep mess.
I wish you success in this new phase of your life. More than anything I wish you to stay healthy and safe.
May God keep blessing you.


With all the kind words from so many classy friends and colleagues, I’ll acknowledge them all at once with a truly heartfelt THANK YOU.




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Why are you login in here looking for my post to single attack me, I merely responded to another person’s post for peace sakes.

Not trying to be argumentative here, but if you don’t think politics plays “some” role in our industry, especially now, I have to defer you to your own “do a little more research” suggestion. “Politics” played a role in EVERY interest rate change you have experienced. In this thread, the way I read it, the topic is NOT about politics. The person you replied to is simply supporting the fact (posted by another member) that politics is the “CAUSE” of the subject matter “topic.” Which is a factual and verifiable statement. That fact? Decisions made by “politicians” effect EVERYTHING! And what we do in this line of work is not exempt from that. The people who run the FED are “political” appointees. (Staying on topic here)


Well said. Thanks.:pray::pray:

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