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I’ve been a RON ( Remote online notary) for 2 months, I have applied for but it seems impossible to get business. The calls come thru but by the time you pick it up its already taken. What are some other companies or places that use Ron or that I can sign up for? Any help would be great.


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I’ve been getting RON assignments with The Closing Exchange, and I am signed up to do so with Servicelink, as well.

The Closing Exchange (aka TCX) provides a few training modules, and will do a mock signing with you, on Nexsys Clear Sign, which is a great way to learn Nexsys, if you don’t have experience with it.

In both cases, it’s helpful to be registered with Nexsys first, which is free, but you do need to have your Identrust digital certificate, and your electronic notary stamp, already, in order to complete sign up with Nexsys. And they have a brief training / exam you have to pass.

I also signed up with Pavaso directly, by registering with a Pavaso-affiliated signing service, and passing Pavaso’s exam. Once I was in Pavaso’s database, I got a couple of RON signings (and since, several non-RON signings) directly from Old Republic Title.

And so, I recommend that approach. Platforms like Notarize that pay contract notaries directly, pay significantly less than signing services / title companies, for RON signings.


Thank you so much for the response and suggestions. I will start there.

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You’re very welcome, Jasmine.



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Yeah…just remember though - if you work through Notarize (from what I’ve read, no personal experience) - they pay the notary $5 per notarization…mind you in the State of FL the RON notary can charge $25 per notarization - so Notarize is keeping 80% of the allowable fee. Sorry…that doesn’t really sit well with me.


It took several months for me to onboard with Notarize only to have to vie for calls.

Since signing up with them, they sent several threatening emails about suspending my service due to incorrect notarizations. I’m like how? Their system won’t even let you close out calls unless everything is signing and stamped.

I say that all to say: Don’t walk, run away from Notarize.


Amrock is qualifying notaries for RON now.


My understanding is that Amrock does hybrid, not RON signings. I did a refinance with them as a customer and when I asked if they used RON for their closings, I was told no. They will have you electronically sign any documents not needing a notary and then send the notary out to wet sign everything else.

As to Notarize, I signed up with them in April last year. To date, I have handled over 4000 (4K) notarizations; many of them included both Title or Lender packages. The amount of notarizations has tightened up a bit of the past couple of months as their need for notaries haa been met, but they are beginning to open their platform for notaries to being their own customers and make more per signing that way. I was on the team that beta tested it for them.

If you don’t want to use Notarize, you can try NotaryCam, Signix, ProperSign, or DocVerify. There are options out there, depending on what your needs are or what you want your business to look like. For myself, I stopped doing paper notarizations and only handle RON.

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4,000 signings in a year? How is that possible? That means you would have had to do 15 signings a day, every day, 7 days a week, all 52 weeks of the year! And you were able to get from one assignment to the next and complete each in less than an hour? Assuming you earned $50-$100/signing, you really earned between $250-$400K just doing notary work last year? Really? Or, is the “to date” the entire time you have been doing notary work, including Notarize just last year? Many of our new notaries have been drawn to the profession with the lure of easy, fast money. This might be misleading.

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Amrock is training Notaries for RON now. I’m in a training tomorrow they will be using Nexsys.

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Good too hear that they are getting onboard with this.


I attended that Amrock session yesterday.

I’ve been doing RON for Servicelink via Nexsys for a year now, so was happy to find that Amrock is going with Nexsys as well.

The training was good - picked up a couple of tips re: the platform I didn’t know, as well as info specific to Amrock.

I’m looking forward to more RON work.


Hi! Great to meet you!:grin:
Yes, it was a good training. I’m glad they showed us what the signers side looks like. That really helps me when I can help them get going. I’m enjoying working with Amrock.
I’m on with Servicelink as well, seems like their fees a have dropped considerably.
Are you full-time?

Since you seem to have it together for RON would you be willing to help me out? I am already RON certified and I have all the E&O policies you need and I am bonded. I signed up with several different RON services but I can not actually ask questions or do a dry run. I know your time is valuable and you are busy but any help would be greatly appreciated . Thank you


Great info, thank you!

Hi Tisino. Maybe I wasn’t clear enough on my statements. I have been a mobile notary since 2008 up until last year. During that time, i handled over 4600 real estate closings up until last year when COVID-19 hit. The transition to electronic notarization has meant individual notarizations and/or real estate closings. At this point, I have handled over 4300 of those on the Notarize platform alone. I no longer handle closings as a mobile notary. It helps me since I am missing a third of my lungs so I don’t risk my health. Plus, I am eliminating $3-400 per month in expenses by doing electronic notarization so I don’t see the need to go back to paper. Your business plan may call for a different approach.


I extend my apologies.

This is awesome! Alabama has not gone remote yet what do you use for all your platforms I recently upgraded to subscription Adobe which can be part of the RIN office needs. but I know it’s expensive to get started. could you refer me to a video that would help? I was part of for nearly 4 years and they were helpful but if somebody can make it clearer that would be good.