Work for Remote online Notaries

Amrock is training Notaries for RON now. I’m in a training tomorrow they will be using Nexsys.

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Good too hear that they are getting onboard with this.


I attended that Amrock session yesterday.

I’ve been doing RON for Servicelink via Nexsys for a year now, so was happy to find that Amrock is going with Nexsys as well.

The training was good - picked up a couple of tips re: the platform I didn’t know, as well as info specific to Amrock.

I’m looking forward to more RON work.


Hi! Great to meet you!:grin:
Yes, it was a good training. I’m glad they showed us what the signers side looks like. That really helps me when I can help them get going. I’m enjoying working with Amrock.
I’m on with Servicelink as well, seems like their fees a have dropped considerably.
Are you full-time?

Since you seem to have it together for RON would you be willing to help me out? I am already RON certified and I have all the E&O policies you need and I am bonded. I signed up with several different RON services but I can not actually ask questions or do a dry run. I know your time is valuable and you are busy but any help would be greatly appreciated . Thank you


Great info, thank you!

Hi Tisino. Maybe I wasn’t clear enough on my statements. I have been a mobile notary since 2008 up until last year. During that time, i handled over 4600 real estate closings up until last year when COVID-19 hit. The transition to electronic notarization has meant individual notarizations and/or real estate closings. At this point, I have handled over 4300 of those on the Notarize platform alone. I no longer handle closings as a mobile notary. It helps me since I am missing a third of my lungs so I don’t risk my health. Plus, I am eliminating $3-400 per month in expenses by doing electronic notarization so I don’t see the need to go back to paper. Your business plan may call for a different approach.


I extend my apologies.

This is awesome! Alabama has not gone remote yet what do you use for all your platforms I recently upgraded to subscription Adobe which can be part of the RIN office needs. but I know it’s expensive to get started. could you refer me to a video that would help? I was part of for nearly 4 years and they were helpful but if somebody can make it clearer that would be good.

Hello everyone on this chain. For complete, full disclosure, I just noticed an error in my last posting that may be misleading. When I said I have done “4300 of those”, I didn’t fully proofread what I had written. That number reflects all notarizations done electronically, both individual document signings as well as real estate closings. Depending on the type of real estate closing, there can be anywhere from 5-8 notarizations in the set of documents.

I usually handle, on average, 25 notarizations a day. It is a mix of individual notarizations and real estate closings, which include having the signer sign documents that do not require notarization, just like the paper closings. I hope this clears things up so you can have realistic expectations for this type of notary work.

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Hello again everyone. A few of you may want to see what the RON process looks like. This link gives a demonstration of how it’s done on the Notarize platform that I use for my work.


Hi there!
Has Amrock been extremely slow the last 3 weeks for you?
I was slammed at the beginning of the month, then it just died off.

It’s october and something crazy is going on with Amrock

What do you mean by that?

What is the normal fee for a RON with TCX?

$50. Which in my opinion, is reasonable for 20 or so minutes work, with no printing, no driving, no scan backs, no packaging and no dropping off docs, etc.

I just wish there were more of them.

EXOS pays more ($85), but they have even fewer.

Old Republic (ORTS) pays $80.

All ultimately negotiable, of course. Those are just the starting rates have been offered by each of those companies.

Wow all are reasonable fees. Thank you for sharing.

Also can you refer any agencies that hire new NSA’s? I get notifications for signings from TCX, The Signing Order, Snapdocs, Timios, and FASS. I’ve registered with Bancserv but was told they were not accepting new notaries in my state as well as Amrock and the Signing Order. Asking because I got quite a few agencies from this platform that I never heard of that I registered for and get notifications. One was Timios. And any other advise is appreciated.

I think if you search for “best signing companies” and similar terms, there’s a whole lot of information on signing companies. Usually, the “newbie friendly” ones are the ones that offer the lowest starting pay (fees), because, understandably, most experienced agents won’t accept really low fees.

One that is known for being very “newbie friendly” is C2C (Coast 2 Coast). They’ve been around for quite a while, and I know they offer training, too. I’ve never done a signing for them, but I know the owner, Lisa, a bit from online discussions, and I know that she and C2C are respected, in the industry (despite a lot of negative opinions here on this forum. I would take those with a grain of salt, and form your own opinions).

Another one is Premium Closing Solutions. They’re on Signing Order, and when I first started, I did a lot of signings for them.

Also Global Agents LLC. I did my first ever signing with them, and just did one for them last evening. They’re the signing service “arm” of RESE Title, and you can email to ask them how to get set up (I just receive orders from them on Signing Order, but if you don’t want to wait, you can reach out to them).

I signed on a few minutes ago and notarize had 6 calls in que! never saw that before!

Thank you, that worked like a charm.

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