Working out of an office

I’m starting back up part-time after a year+ hiatus and now work in an office space that will let me use my office or a conference room for doing signings. I know for a fact that I won’t get as many signings as someone who is “mobile”, but that’s okay.

I want to hear from anyone who currently does or has worked out of a dedicated office space rather than run around town. Did you get more or less work? How often were signers adamant about closing at their house instead of your office? What was your biggest hurdle to overcome? How did communications/interactions with SS/Title Co’s change?

This is more of a show and tell thread. What was your experience like?

What does your business model look like with a decline in client visits and the increased cost of operating an office? Every singer who requested mobile services met with me in their home, office, local coffee shop or restaurant. I don’t operate out of a dedicated office. Since communications with SS/Title Co’s is via email or phone I don’t see why this should change by moving into an office. In mt area, clients looking for drop in services are going to UPS or banks.

No increase in operating costs. To be honest, it’s actually a decrease since I’m no longer driving around except for my daily commute. I have my own printer, paper, toner, scanner, computer, phone, etc. that I have brought to work and only use the wifi and electricity.
It’s definitely a side-gig now and I got extremely lucky to find a job in the real estate industry(Property Management) that lets me use their space for it.

Let me suggest that when you pose a question seeking advice that you include the details so you’ll get better advising from your colleagues.

This isn’t meant to be an advice thread, but a “show and tell” thread for sharing experiences. Those were just the only “ice-breaking” questions I could think of.

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I’m an employer and I would not allow an employee to run a side hustle out of my office. Immediate termination! Too much liability is involved especially if the employee was meeting clients at my office and that’s only one reason. That notary’s bond and E&O does nothing to protect me the employer. On the other hand, If it’s your personal rental office in a suite of offices with a central reception area and a shared conference room / business center then it’s okay.