Working over the holidays

I’m with you ! I love when it snows in Oklahoma , I pickup tuns of work. I’m from a cold snowy state so I don’t mind traveling when it snows.

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Just let the calls come in to you, answer the calls, and tell them your on vacation til (Date), and any signing times on your return date or after, just to call you to schedule it. To not answer any calls from them, may not be good, for future orders. This just how I do.

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The beautiful thing about being an independent contractor, we can decide when to work or not. Take your family trip, there will be other opportunities to get your business off and running. I work hard now, so there will come a time that my family and I can enjoy the fruits of my labor. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving experience with your family and safe travels.


Very slow over holidays! Go and have a great time with family! Happy Thanksgiving :turkey:


Great Idea. Thank you.

There will be other opportunities, there will be other “big jobs”, …no one on their death bed ever said…“I wish I would have worked more” . Enjoy the holidays!


Take the trip and bask in the love of family during the holiday. I was told many times by wise elders “what is for you will be, and what isn’t won’t be; your time will come”.

Have a wonderful time, and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

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Maybe buyers have accepted the new normal and decided to sign. That might explain the amazing uptick in signing agent assignments that I’m experiencing. Two to three a day is all I can handle without cutting into my GNW, and I’m having to turn some down. Hope this continues through Christmas.

Thank you for your kind wirss

Depends on what kind of signing. Refinances are almost non-existent right now and won’t bounce back until interest rates drop. There are plenty of Helocs, Purchases and Seller packages available but they generally pay less than refis.

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