Would you have done this signing?

So I am in Colorado where we are getting a couple of inches of snow and this signing is 10 miles one way. Original offer was $60. I refused and put $90. I know my worth especially during a snow storm. But wonder who would have done it with the same circumstances?

No thanks. It’s snowing really bad right now. Dangerous conditions all over but if I’m desperate and need the money, for a Friday nigh signing with bad weather and scan back, I wouldn’t do it less than 4H. Otherwise, I’ll pass. I rather sit by the fire and stay warm with a glass of wine, thank you. :grin:.

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My exact thoughts. Just not worth it.

I wouldn’t even do it at $90.

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When I got the ask it hadn’t started yet. I would have for 90 as a minimum. Plus, I am coming off being a city snow plower so I am not scared of driving in snow just afraid of the other drivers who think they are good drivers in snow.

Ask the signer to come to you.

hahahahahahahahahaha, Yeah, right ON! Give the signer a discount and a mug of hot cocoa.