Wrong County on Notary page ? where are the checks?

While I am learning new things every day, question came up…

What is the impact if the Notary wrote wrong County(unintentional ) on notary page ? Is there validation by title/lender/signing agencies on documentation.

How it can be corrected or impact to whole documentation and to notary ? // Notary has only E & O

Thank you

Depending on your state’s rules, only the notary can make the correction, and here in FL I’d need the original document back and would have to revisit signer for a new notarial act with the current date, not the date of the original transaction. If an ack, they merely need to acknowledge they signed it; if a jurat, they’d have to sign in front of me…again.

Not sure what the legal ramifications of an unintentional error are - I’d check state law to see if there’s any fine or penalty provided for in that instance; unintentional errors, I believe, are covered by notary E&O (as opposed to intentional errors or fraudulent certs, which would not be covered)- but, of course, someone would have to prove they sustained a monetary loss in order to collect.


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In my state, New Jersey, I’m allowed to strike through and initial… then do it at them bottom or next to it. That’s how I correct any error, most of the time because the TC or escrow have put the wrong County.

OP said the notary put the wrong county