Hello Notaries

Any one worked with this signing service? Any good / bad experience?

I have worked for them. Did two jobs last month. My experience was okay. I advised them of my fee and they accepted. They, however, were unable to tell me if the jobs had faxbacks when they offered the job. I didn’t know this info until after I had accepted. I have heard they do not pay for 2 months. I reviewed their website and was unable to confirm this info and they did not respond to my email requesting to know this info.

Slow pay, disrespectful reps, very little help if you have questions. Pay in 8 to 10 weeks, and prepare to chase down your first check - they seem to run on a “prove that you are SERIOUS about getting paid” business model.

Thanks. I will avoid this company like a plague.

Meanwhile I ask you all notaries who get stiffed or got paid very very late!!( Or never paid as of date)
What are You doing about it??

Here is what I do about it.
When I mail the signed package,
I also insert a nicely worded introduction letter cum demand notice of speedy payment , immediately upon escrow settlement .

This letter is addressed to the Title Officer or Escrow officer … instructing them to clean up the things if they are using shady signing services
Usually check arrives in 15 days to 30 days

If the signing services continues to screw notaries, then I go up the chain of command , usually to VP Operations of the title & loan company and eventually get those signing services disbarred. The net benefit is that title companies don’t want legal hassle & then directly start dealing with notaries.
THIS MEANS HIGHER PAY, FASTER PAY ($150 or more) per signing

So I urge you all notaries to NOT TAKE IT LYING LOW, BUT FIGHT BACK.

I do work for them, no problems except THEY ARE VERY SLOW PAYING, almost 3 months

I have never worked for them and will not work for them. A fellow Notary buddy of mine is still owed over $2000 that he has not received. He reached out to the title company to report their bad practices. It seems if you ever get paid, its done at their pace. Notary beware of NLC!

I have performed a few assignments for them and have been paid each time. Yes they are slow but have paid in the past.

What is cant figure out is why are you as notaries feel it is OK TO WAIT for SO LONG? What are you doing to change this practice ?

I have worked for this company. Whenever the call me they meet my fee. The drawback is they do take up to 2 months to pay. If it gets close to 2 months on any company I start calling to expedite the process and I have never had a problem. The email blasts that this company sends I always refuse as “pay too low”. I find it hard to believe that someone as stated above did $2,000 worth of work and hasn’t gotten paid. First of all why would someone do that without some sort of history with a company. That sounds like about maybe 20 jobs over a period of what time and hasn’t received any payment. It just doesn’t sound real to me. There are many ways to get paid. I know that some people use a collection company if needed. I have never had a problem getting paid but if I see a company that is either too cheap or too hard to get paid I drop them. Like Skye Closings is one that takes forever to get paid and you have to constantly contact them to get paid. I simply tell them now if they call I can’t work for a company that low balls me and then takes so long to pay.

I did (4) signings for this company AFTER I turned down their email prompt as fee to low, then got my fee but took from Oct to 1st week of Jan to get paid. The information on how they pay is given to you when you accept a signing, thats why they cannot find info on their site. They use a formula depending on the date during the month it was signed and they pay the 20th of the next month if signed by the 15th of the prior month and after the 15th it goes into the month beyond on the 20th which is their check writing day then they have to process and get it mailed out which takes another week or so added on. I did the signings about the end of Oct. like many of our signings occur so it passed the Nov 20th payday and went into the Dec. 20th payday, then check wrote, then processed and mailed to arrive at my place by the 4th of Jan. Now they dont even call, they just send email prompts that yes you will do it, no you wont. Then you get a thank you for responding.

My 3rd. & final assignment was on November 11, 2016, check to me dated February 7, 2017! I did call them for 37 days!!! Got paid on their schedule for my first 2. But the 3rd was like finding a needle in a hay stack!! I put them on block! Work at your own risk!

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