WWYD - signer calls says they test positive for Covid

How to best handle or go about it when a signer lets you know they have Covid? What would you do? I had one of the signers call me an hour in a half before our appointment saying they just came back from the hospital and tested positive for Covid. I really appreciate their honest and care as tomorrow I’ll be at a nursing home, I’m around a lot of people.

How do you professionally take care of this situation? What do you say and how do you notify client. I’m assuming they’d need to quarantine and test negative but I’m honestly not sure at all what the process should look like.

You contact the notary company immediately and tell them you are unable to go- I would- am not going to put myself in that position. They should be isolating for 14 days. Notary companies understand- you will get paid for printing- unfortunately that’s it. I would advise the borrower you don’t feel safe and will be contacting the signing company.


I had this happen recently. When I called to confirm the appointment the signer informed me they had just tested positive. I am fully vaccinated. But, my wife and I have a 17 year old grandson with a severe, life long immune deficiency who lives with us full time. Because of this, even with being fully vaccinated, we are extra cautious about bringing Covid into our household.

So, I thanked the gentlemen for his honesty and told him I would not be able to complete the closing. I contacted the notary location service who had assigned it to me and explained the situation. They were very understanding and removed me from the assignment. I don’t know if they were able to find another notary (it was very short notice) or if the closing had to be rescheduled.