X Marks The Spot DOES NOT Pay Notaries

I am SO Upset about X Marks the Spot signing service! I just completed a signing on November 18, 2023, and around 30 days after I contacted this agency about my payment, and was told they would investigate about payment status. I contacted Missy and spoke to her twice 1- by phone, 2 by text and nothing was done, and No payment. It is now 50 days since 45 days was on Jan 2 with no payment! Called the lender who confirmed that payment was sent to X Marks the Spot 2 days after the signing was completed. I am VERY disappointed and frustrated to not have a sufficient response which is NOT PROFESSIONAL about payment. The order was sent on SignngOrder.com! I have sent the invoice and made multiple payment requests from this agency. as anyone NOT been paid by them?

It took me 4 months to finally get paid from them. I called weekly and continued asking for a supervisor. I also sent email to VP of marketing. Not sure that did it but I got paid not long after that.

4 months? Wow! I admire your perseverance!

Same :roll_eyes:. I usually don’t work with signing services due to issues like these but I figured, “Hey it’s Missy, I’ve never had an issue working with them before”.
Now here I am like a hound dog tracking down my payment for a signing I did about 40 days ago. The unprofessionalism is astounding.

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I am finding that I have to chase more and more payments down this past year. And a lot are companies I have worked with in the past with no issues. Also, some of the job fees are so ridiculous, it isn’t worth responding to them with a counter. I hope 2024 gets better or this might be my last year in the business.


No…Missy Rowe is one of the better agencies, in my opinion.

She’s apparently turned to the dark side. I hadn’t done a signing for XMTS for a couple of years. I never had a problem getting paid by them before. This time, when it went past 45 days I sent them an email asking about the payment. A couple of weeks later I got paid. I have one more invoice outstanding with them, which is now at 40 days. I guess I’m going to have to send an email asking for payment on this one too. I will definitely think twice before taking any further jobs from them.

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Did you get paid? They are blocking my emails. They have 2 outstanding.

I got this via email after 4 of 5 attempts and no return correspondence. It is VERBATIM what Missy sent me the first time I inquired about payment.

“Good afternoon, I was just in a meeting with the accounting department discussing this payment. Just to be transparent with you, we have had a lender have an issue in their payment system and they are $10,000 behind. We have been paying out of pocket while waiting on them to fix this and send the back payments. This has caused our payment system to slow down. We are expecting to process this payment this week. When I know the exact date the echeck will be sent I will follow up and let you know. I do apologize for the delay.”

I don’t chase money. If someone decides to blow smoke up my … I just send a demand letter. I sent it via email and told her it would also be delivered via registered mail. When I did that Missy got defensive, rude, and borderline belligerent. Told me she NEVER has missed a payment in 17 yrs doing business (threw my BS flag on that one) and had no problem if I wanted to take her to court.

Miraculously, she emailed me back the following day and said the accounting dept fixed everything and they sent the check to Notary Pay.

I’ll believe it when it’s in my account.

Missy has always been reliable in the past, but recently she’s turned to the dark side. She also knows that nobody is going to sue her for the amount involved in one signing. However, it will make signing agents just not want to deal with her anymore if they’re going to have to chase their money every time.