X Marks The Spot, Florida

I’ve done 27 signings for Missy Rowe, owner of X Marks the Spot since 2010. Records in Notary Assist show my last signing for Missy was in 2015 prior to serving local businesses and raising my fee to $125. So in 2015 Missy stopped using my services after I raised my fee after 5 years of doing business with her!

It’s now May, 2021 and Missy is still offering the same $100 fee per signing without adjusting for inflation. This means notaries are losing profitability at $21 per signing.

I recently received a signing Missy sent from a title company that was a huge pile of poorly prepared documents that also required me to travel a long distance she initially wanted to pay $100 for.

Many of these agencies think we’ll put up with this and don’t care about experience wanting to keep rates low. It’s brutal not to adjust notary fees for inflation after 10 years.

I’m very disappointed with this agency’s failure to offer reasonable pay for experience, traveling time, and huge refi packages. Paper is far more expensive as is gas.

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I used to do a lot of work for X Marks the Spot and always enjoyed working for Missy. I too
stopped taking assignments because she went from good to way too low. Sad!

Missy rocks. I have nothing but good things to say about X Marks.

Ive had nothing but good experiences with Missy and X Marks the spot as well. Whenever I have had a concern with a file she has been right on top of it with a response. I have also never had a payment issue either. She pays as she says she will pay.