X-Marks the Spot, Immature Behavior?

X-Marks the Spot, Immature Behavior?? I have completed quite a few signing for Missy Rowe. My last two signing were on; 12/03/2021 and on 12/20/2021. Missy referred to me as “Yes Ma’am” on both occasions and of course apologized when I brought it to her attention. So when she called me that the second time within a seventeen day span, I felt it was a back handed insult. So I went back to the two signings and viewed the text and email exchanges we had. I found that on both occasions I was questioning her about something and I think she took offense at it. For example; the last signing I found two errors, one on the Deed of Trust, it stated the signer was married, but she was recently divorced and the other on the 1003. It stated she was separated, not divorced. Missy told me I can cross out both and write in divorced. So I asked who is giving me permission to cross out something on the Deed of Trust and the Application. After a long delay I was told that Title did. So to be safe I asked if I was speaking to Missy Rowe, and she said; “Yes ma’am. I don’t believe Missy is that stupid, so I believe it is what we call; “Throwing the Brick and hiding her hand,” or a back handed insult. Have any “males” out there been called ma’am by Missy Rowe? I’m just curious.

Unfortunate? Yes. Insulting? Yes, understandably. Intentional? Probably not. I wonder if she deals mostly with women and maybe “ma’am” comes out just as an unfortunate force of habit, before she has a chance to really think.

In the very, very off chance it was intentional… it is a petty insult and yes, immature. But you are mature and professional, so try to let it roll of your back if you can, William. You got the signing appointment, you are getting paid, and it is SO AWESOME that you caught those errors early on and did not waste time at the signing table. Your attention to detail and your professionalism is outstanding. :clap: :clap: :clap:

That said, her instruction for you to cross out and make corrections on loan document such as the Deed of Trust worries me a bit. First of all, I don’t know of any title company in Washington who would permit it because the county would likely reject it when they go to record it. Maybe things are more lax in Florida. Second of all, if I was instructed to make any correction in a loan document, I would instruct the borrower to make the correction and initial it. And I would note it in my journal who gave that specific instruction.

Wishing you the best! Happy holidays, Merry Christmas!


Thank you for your input. I think X Marks the Spot is a good company, always pays on time etc. I waited three hours (one hour past my appointment time) for the title company to send me the replacement first page of the DOT and never received it. So when I was told go and make the appointment I wanted to make sure I was covered as to who told me to do the corrections.
Merry Christmas to you also.

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In some states, Texas being one of them, only an attorney can make/authorize changes to a Deed of any type. Other change authorizations must come from the document originator. And always get any changes to documents in writing.

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Yes that is why I was concerned and wanted to cover my back. I figured they would replace the first page of the Deed of Trust when they received it and in the mean time the signer felt comfortable completing the signing. Thank you for your reply.


William, she must have seen your photo. You’re too pretty to be a man. I have the same problem.

Say hello to Cynthia for me.
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You know who this is? Michael, your signing agent!

Ha Ha thanks for that you made my New Year, Have a Happy New Year Michael.