Xome , mr cooper title 365

before work with check out this about the manager Pat C.

Patrick Cahalane has hired many notaries to close mortgage loans for his company, RTC Settlement. He never pays them, then moves on to hire new and unsuspecting notaries. He is running a racket

RTC Settlement Services Patrick Cahalane Patrick Cahalane, the owner, does not pay the notaries that he hires to do his work. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, so how is he now a manager at Xome , mr cooper ???

I’ve been working with Xome for over a year and have never not been paid on time and in full and I’ve done $1000s in business with them. It sucks these people had a bad experience but mine has been quit opposite

You do realize your reports on him are 9/10 years old? RTC has been closed for 9 years. Mr. Cahalane has moved on and, I’m guessing , has to make a living. So he has a position with Xome - doesn’t mean he’s hands-on involved with notary scheduling or notary payments/vendor management. You said he’s a “manager” at Xome…is he vendor management?

FYI - don’t work for either company and never have. Just saying - reliance on 9-10 year old reviews IMO is not a good idea. Plus, other reviews I’ve read (and I read notary forums daily) indicate Xome is not that bad a company.

Just my thoughts.

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I have found Xome/Title365 a very reliable company to work with. They pay like clockwork and there’s no handholding.


I find XOME very easy to work with I always get paid.