Xome - signing on with them

So I am a newbie and have been signing on with various companies that are recommended by the forum. Some seems OK, so I completed the application, gathered ALL the required info together (40+pages) and attempted to fax the docs to them numerous time with no success. I have confirmed the fax number with them. Because of the amount of personal information on the documentation (SSN, DOB, etc. etc.) I don’t really want to email it to them, because it is not thru a secure website. Anyone have any suggestions? Or am I just being overly paranoid? Most of the companies have a way to upload the info to their secure website. I asked if I could mail the docs to them directly and was told no.

You should never give out your SSN. Apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) and then apply to SS with that. Too risky to be giving out your SSN!

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When you apply for an EIN through IRS, you’ll get one issued immediately and you should use an EIN instead of your SSN.

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thanks - had no idea as an individual I was eligible for an EIN

thanks - did not know I could be eligible for an EIN

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Yep for free and you don’t need a business account to get one either.

Thanks to all who pointed that out - that’s the first thing that jumped out at me (did ya all hear my hair stand on end?? LOL)

Another thing - I would not fight with a fax machine - scan the info into your laptop or desktop computer (hopefully you have one) and email your info - I scan all current info into a folder on my laptap’s desktop and, when needed to send I just attach the docs from there and email them.

I’d double check with the company that they REALLY want a “fax”