Xome signings used


I have completed many signings for them and was paid quickly.

I have worked with Xome Signings/Title 365 for a few years now. Good company, never had any issues getting paid. Beware of Mindie, she is very rude but Briana and the rest of the staff are nice and professional.

Yes… I got paid too.

I used to get a ton of work from them in FL. But does not seem like they have a lot of work. Anyone else seem to have the same prob in FL with them?

I’m in Fl too and yes they have slowed down alot last one i did was a Refi back in March

I’m in CA and have done a lot of signings for Xome. Business with them has slowed down substantially from last year to this year, but I can’t pinpoint the reason for it. Maybe it’s just the general slowdown in the refi business that’s the cause.

I’ve done several signings for them. They pay quickly and fairly. They are top notch in my book.

I love working with XOME!

I had a long and positive experience with XOME and then one HUGE negative experience. They sent me to a signing , which i went to and completed the signing. It was a very buzy day with 5 signings and i had two more signings after that. They they call me towards the end of signing saying that they sent me the wrong documents and that the new documents are being sent now to me over email to print and have it resigned it.
They refused to pay me for the signing completed on the first set of documents and also wanted me to drop my other signings and complete the new one , if i was to get paid or remain in good standing. Well ! I took my stand and told them that it was their responsibility to check for document accuracy before sending me. I expected to be paid full fees for a drive that was 25 miles away. After much back and forth , they agreed to pay me a pittance of reduced fee similar to trip/print fee. That is after a 45 minute drive, 1 hr of signing, etc…
So be warned !! They can screw you just like any one else. These glorified messengers fail to own up to their mistakes and expect notary to foot their bill and bear the cost of their mistakes.
I told them I was ok , if they no longer want to work with me as the feeling is mutual :slight_smile:


That is total bs, Mindie is the most knowledgeable of the entire staff, Briana ??? lol she knows nothing about title & mortgage industry and the rest of the staff same thing also pat is a poor excuse for a manager, no idea what is doing and your mad because got called out on errors !!!

I’ve been doing a lot of signings for Xome and was happy (well mostly ok) with the $90 flat fee for most signings. But lately, their support for signing agents has tanked. I send them texts and call them looking for help like with late documents but they have rarely responded this past last month or two. A dramatic nosedive in support. Anyone else notice this? I both texted and called them 4-5 times today alone for a signing due in two hours looking for the documents. I wouldn’t normally be that worried yet but this particular signing from Freedom Mortgage has been placed on hold twice and rescheduled twice already. The problem is very likely mostly from Freedom Mortgage but for Xome to not respond to messages is not good. Last week I had a BofA signing get placed on hold due, according to Xome, from lack of documents. BofA called me a couple hours before the signing (it was a high net worth client) and when I said it was on hold due to lack of documents, BofA told me the documents had been ready hours earlier that morning. I think something bad is going on at Xome, as in maybe they’re losing employees or morale is bad for some reason.

I used to get a ton of work from xome but now it is dramatically dropped off. I agree with you about the lack of support from them. I had an issue the other night that required an imediate response due to them sending me on a wild goose chase to a borrower location that wasn’t even in my state. They sent me to someone elses address that was not associated with the borrowers at all. Never received an return call or email

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Good to know ‘something bad is happening’ to others, too. I’ve done a few in recent months and have been mostly happy with them, but have noticed a recent decrease in timely docs and no response when asking. FWIW…my min. fee is $125–probably area-specific, but…just saying…

While I do a LOT of signings for Xome, a near total lack of timely support is a big problem with them. I can rarely get anyone on the phone and have to resort to texting them with nearly never receiving a timely response. Getting someone actually on the phone is nearly impossible and leaving urgent voice mails even the middle of a signing rarely gets a return phone call. Luckily most of their signings are well put together and rarely is there a problem but when there is, it’s very frustrating. My next biggest complaint is their documents have way more notarizations required than any of my other signing agencies require. They want the vast majority of documents notarized which is especially a pain here in California due to everything having to be written down in the notary journal.