Xome signings used

has anyone used them and got paid

Yes, I’ve worked with them and they paid me in 16 days. I completed a refinance closing for them on 2/6/16 and was paid on 2/22/16.


I have worked with Xome / Trusted Signing for over a year. In my opinion they are a “GREAT” company to work with. They have afforded me numerous assignments. They are prompt with getting the documents out to me and there is ALWAYS some available (regardless of the time) to handle ANY situation that may arise.
Payment, always with 15 days. Never ever have I had any problems and I would highly recommend Xome to any NSA who has the opportunity to work with them.


I have been working for them for over a year! Great company…pays on time…never a problem with the docs. You download their app on your smart phone and you get signing offers; however you have only 10 minutes to respond before it’s gone. it’s not a “blast” offer.


I have also done business with them and they pay quickly. This appears to be a very good organization.

Xome is a great company to work with. Docs are on time as well as the check!

Yes, I work with them a lot and absolutely love them. The assignments are smooth and they pay with in 2 weeks.

they seem to cancel assignments without notice or return of phone calls

and then expect you to wait around to see if docs will come in.

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I work with them a lot and they are great. They pay in 15 days, docs are on time and there is always somebody there to talk to if there is any problem. The best part is their phone app, I really wish more companies would get something like theirs, if is so easy to work with and efficient.

I do not own a smartphone and they did not specify that it was needed before I tried to sign up. I’m a little disgusted that they wasted my time.

Eugenia: Can you tell me how to reach this company please? Anyone specific? Thanks! I am so tired of some of the dead heads. I want a small list of good companies that treats me well. Thanks!

Did you google Xome Signings? They are very public … no I don’t have a direct #, btw, they communicate thru app. I had 5 assignments thru the app and agreed to the $90.00 rate to pay. All 5 were cancelled. But I’m in the southern part of Texas so who knows why… looks like CA FL, IL, and other places are doing so much better than my area.

I see that they cancel booking a lot with no notice. Have you experienced this?

Well I got reschedule for 1 that was cancelled with Xome signing for Wednesday, also got a new signing schedule for Monday!!! Will let you know what happens… I need them both & more for my November bank! :disappointed_relieved:

They have gotten sooo much better and I love working for them now. I get quantity work

I get work through xome all the time and they pay within 2 weeks. Only once have they been longer than that.

Do you have to invoice them?

Ive worked for them since the beginning of 2018…No job bidding , no invoicing and the pay weekly…

Thank you, Niki! I have a refi with them later today. I love the app and they have been great providing support when I needed clarification about dates on some of the documents.