Xome Signings

Xome Signings aka Title 365 has not been a company I would say is good to work for. Once you do a signing for them and they get all paperwork back they treat you like garbage. Phone Number it number is next to impossible to find which I find to not be a coincidence. Missing a payment and after contacting accounting They just flat out ignore me. But if I’m in the middle of doing a job for them they will blow my phone up until they get a picture of the FedEx receipt. It’s been my experience as a notary that they do not appreciate us and have no issue treating us like garbage

Oh wow! Thanks for the update. They were on my list to sign up with.

I have done tons of signings with them. It has been a positive experience.

I asked them to deactivate my profile. They wanted to know why. I am tired of their low-ball assignment requests blowing up my iPhone and their app never works properly. I have asked for help with the app but it’s impossible to get a response from them. They do not care about notaries. They only wanted me to make money for them

Hi Angelique.
Did you ever find a number to reach out to Xome? I am trying to get information on the pay schedule. I’ve worked for them a month and have not received pay. I can’t seem to locate a good email or phone #.