YES for eDocs on your profile?

This is for all the new notary signing agents who have indicated in their profiles that they do not accept eDocs – either because they don’t know what eDocs means or they have it confused with the term electronic notarization.

"eDocs " means "Electronic Documents. " eDocs DOES NOT MEAN eNotarization or electronic notarization.

eDocs simply refers to a notary signing agent’s ability to receive loan assignments from their hiring company electronically via email or via digital download. To accept eDocs assignments as a notary signing agent, you simply need a computer and an email address.

When potential hiring companies ask you whether you can “accept eDocs”, they need to whether they can email their loan package to you for the assignment. Or some hiring companies may want you to login to their secure platform to download the loan package for printing. If you communicate to potential hiring companies that you DO NOT accept eDocs, you are severely crippling chances of getting hired. How else do you expect them to get a loan package in your hands? Snail mail it to you?

When you are ready to accept loan assignments via email, make sure your online notary signing agent profile on is set to YES for eDocs!


To edit your profile, you must first login to the NNA website and go to “My Signing Agent Profile” and select the option to edit. Then under Notary Services, change “Accepts eDocs Assignments” from NO to YES. Then SAVE your changes.

Good luck out there!


When writing a comment for new signing agents, we should try to not take anything for granted. In order to complete an eDocs assignment, you will have to print two copies of the documents, and the printer must be a laser printer, not an inkjet. There will be around 300 sheets in a typical assignment (150 sheets to send to the title company, and 150 sheets for the signer to keep). It’s better if the printer has two paper trays, one with legal size paper, and one with letter size.


Thank you, sir. Yes, no one should interpret my post to mean that I encourage unprepared folks to start accepting loan assignments. By the time a prospective signing agent becomes listed on they should have received some basic training from National Notary Association. And only adjust their profile setting when READY i.e., prepared/qualified to accept loan assignments.


Thank you, this was a great help while creating my profile!

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Thank you so much for this. Extremely helpful with clarification on the meaning of edocs. 🫶🏾

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